Welcome Angelika Beis

Angelika Beis to head Sales and CIS - traffics

Since 02.01 Angelika Beis enriches our young enterprise. Angelika brings over 20 years of project experience into the company. She was involved in countless prestigous projects on the entire territory of the former Soviet Union, especially Russia and Kazakhstan. For renowned customers from the air conditioning sector she arranged the deliveries for the renovation of the Kremlin, the Supreme Court and the White House as well as for the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. She also delivered the air conditioning equipment for the new Spartak-Stadium and several Hotels in Sochi for the Olympic games. Desalination plants in Irkutsk, Orel and Murmansk, housing projects in Tashkent, Tyumen, Krasnodar or Vladikavkaz, a industrial bakery in Aktau or the parliament in Astana, generators to Severodvinsk, Luhansk and Bishkek, Audio/HiFi to Kiev, Chemicals to Togliatti and Khabarovsk. There is hardly any area in the former Soviet Union Angelika hasn't arranged deliveries to. Therefore Angelika  takes over the management of CIS - traffics and Sales.