Welcome Gebhard Thoma

Gebhard Thoma in charge of sea, air, rail

Since 02.01 Gebhard Thoma is part of Corporate Service Munich GmbH. In over 20 years he gained experience in most various areas. Hanging garment from Romania and Bulgaria, RO/RO - shipments to Saudi Arabia, consolidation and shipment by sea and air of audio/hifi and musical instruments from the USA and Canada, air shipments of oversized air handling units from the USA, deliveries of oil & gas equipment to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, Cross - Trades from China to the Seychelles and Mauritania, Korea to Kazakhstan or Taiwan to Iran. Chemicals to Afghanistan, cars to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan or car repair shop equipment to Mongolia - only a few of the projects he was involved in during this time.  No matter how big the shipment and from where to where it has to ship - Gebhard always finds the right solution for you. For us he takes mainly care of sea, air and rail shipments. Due to his many years of experience and manifold connections he is our contact for the "problem cases".